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Embrace your whole self.


Ruby utilizes evidence-based modalities such as Psychodynamic Orientation, Depth psychology, and EMDR to help clients process trauma and ultimately distill meaning from life’s experiences.

*for California residents only

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Ruby meets her clients where they are and guides them on their unique journey to achieve individual goals.
Weekly sessions encompass a variety of holistic and trauma-healing techniques.

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Explore the aspects of your shadow and unconscious with guidance and support.
Learn to embrace and accept all parts of yourself without judgment. 

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Become your most authentic self.


Ruby Cardinahl Corley is a transformational coach and a clinically-trained therapist. She weaves together evidence-based practices, compassion, and a variety of holistic and trauma-healing services to help facilitate the process of self-love, recovery, and empowerment for her clients.

Ruby's approach is informed by her clinical training as a therapist. Working within a psychodynamic landscape, she draws from her experience in clinical settings. The coaching relationship is dynamic and symbiotic- the depth is determined by the individual's willingness to explore truth and meaning in their lives, unlocking new levels of self-awareness.

Ruby helps her clients to reawaken the parts of themselves that have been lost, buried with the minutiae of everyday life, or are yet to be discovered. For some, it's the gnawing feeling that something is missing or a disconnection from their purpose. Each person is unique, and each coaching plan is designed to fit individual needs, lifestyles, and goals.

Integrate all parts of the self
and experience wholeness. 


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"When we discover the origin story of our shadows, we can learn to embrace them and not just throw them away."



Ruby is trained in clinical psychology. She received her BA in Gender Studies and Cultural Anthropology from UCLA and is currently a candidate for her Doctorate of Clinical Psychology with Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

She is EMDR-Trained by the Institute for Creative Mindfulness.

In addition, she has received training in the following:

  • Yoga.Psyche.Soul Teacher Training

  • Yoga and 12-Step Recovery Facilitator

  • Off the Matt - Yoga in Action Facilitator

  • Embody Love Movement Facilitator

  • Whole Health Breath-work Facilitator

  • Hoffman Process and Q2 Graduate

  • Vipassanā Meditation

Ruby’s clinical therapy work is based in California. She is currently located in Costa Rica and provides coaching services to clients around the world.

Ruby's  work is centered on bringing the unconscious to the conscious, facilitating clients to face and work through deeply ingrained issues. She guides individuals through 'Shadow Work,' helping them love and accept their protective instincts that may present as problems or patterns of unhelpful thoughts and behaviors. By exploring the origin stories of these shadows, clients gain understanding and develop self-compassion.

The unconscious seeks recognition and may manifest in unsuspecting ways to gain visibility, often surfacing as addiction, toxic relationships, or anxiety. As your coach, Ruby focuses on integrating all parts of the self to promote a sense of wholeness. Utilizing techniques such as EMDR, dream exploration, and inner child/adoptive child work, Ruby assists clients in delving into their unconscious mind to experience new levels of understanding and fulfillment.

Ruby's personal journey inspired her commitment to assisting others in finding freedom, self-compassion, and wholeness.

Her training in clinical psychology bolsters her intuitive methods, providing a solid foundation for her practice. In addition, she is trained in EMDR therapy, CBT, DBT, and facilitates other practices such as Yoga in 12-Step Recovery and Whole Health Breathwork. 

Coaching services are available remotely via video or telephone to clients worldwide.


Ruby is able to work outside of the often rigid definitions of recovery. She can genuinely meet clients in various stages of recovery where they are at and doesn't require abstinence. She acknowledges that some clients manage to moderate use and define recovery on their own terms.

Explore your unconscious, embrace your whole self, and build a future filled with self-compassion.

Your transformation awaits. Choose yourself and embrace the beauty of becoming your most authentic self. You deserve personal freedom, unlimited self-compassion, and a wholly integrated life.


This is a private pay coaching relationship, available in person or online. Where traditional Psychotherapy is limited to different country regulations, Coaching is available to residents of any state in the US, any province in Canada, or any other country in the world. Clients receive a regular time slot on Ruby’s calendar and meet through a secure video link or by telephone that meets the same standards of confidentiality and ethics required for therapy. Clients can be reassured that they are receiving the expertise and professionalism of a clinically trained mental health practitioner while not having to be concerned with mental health diagnoses, medical records, involvement of health insurance, or the need to disclose treatment when applying for disability or life insurance policies.


Clients should typically anticipate at least six months to a year’s worth of work, meeting weekly initially to build momentum and then backing off to every other week if appropriate. The exact format and timeline depend on how much history there is to work on and how much work the client has done on himself or herself before. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out using the form on the Contact page. All sessions are 50-mins in length and take place by secure video-link or telephone from wherever you are in the world.


In the United States, therapy is considered a healthcare service, and therapists are licensed by their state. Although some relaxation of the rules was granted by some states to help therapists respond to the demands of COVID-19, the general rule is that therapists working with US-based clients should only be providing online therapy (Telehealth) to clients who are physically based in the state(s) in which their therapist is licensed.  Ruby is not a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist or Licensed Psychologist. Ruby also works as Psychological Associate under the Licensure of a Supervisor in the State of California, and if you are interested in this healthcare service, please reach out to California Women’s Therapy. Clients from other states in the US or elsewhere in the world may wish to consider Coaching, a hybrid service for private-pay clients who do not meet the criteria for significant mental health diagnoses. Clients on a tight budget are encouraged to seek therapy with a therapist licensed in their home state, where they can use health insurance, FSA, and HSA plans.


Although coaching does not receive the same legal protections regarding confidentiality, Ruby adheres to the same standards in coaching as she would in traditional therapy. Regulations in US:The most pertinent distinction between therapy and coaching in the United States is that therapy is considered to be a healthcare service requiring an ICD-10 diagnosis, even if the service is being paid for privately.Therapy is heavily regulated at both the state and federal level, and as the law currently stands, therapists should only be offering therapy in the state(s) that they are licensed to practice. Although advances in telehealth make many of the state-by-state restrictions cumbersome and impractical, state regulations and inter-state co-operation have a long way to go catch up with what is technologically possible.Whether in person or online, if she feels that a client is in need of greater support than she can provide, she will always refer them to local services to ensure they are receiving the level of care that they need.

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