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Turn the lens inward and discover your true self.


Creative blocks • Stress reduction & management •  Anxiety • Depression • Self-esteem and self-image issues • Loss • Life transformations & transformations • Confidence and communication

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Anxiety • Depression • Stress management • Relationship issues • Personal growth & development • Self-esteem • Life transitions • Occupational stress • Interpersonal skills & effective communication

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Healthy communication • Conflict resolution • Premarital issues • Marital satisfaction & harmony • Parenting • Collaborative planning & problem-solving • Loss & grief • Separation & harmony • Life transitions

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Laurence specializes in helping creative professionals navigate their lives through the complex web that is the entertainment industry. 


Gaining a broader

Laurence has an extensive background in the creative industry. He has followed a serpentine path to the world of psychotherapy, a path that has allowed him to experience all the highs and lows of Hollywood and the many facets of the entertainment industry.

Laurence began his career first as an actor after receiving his undergraduate degree from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and the Circle In The Square Theater School. Like so many before and after, he came to Los Angeles with hope in his heart and landed a few acting roles while developing his comedy chops at The Groundlings and The Improv.

Hunger and rent led him to accept a job as the second executive assistant to celebrated Hollywood talent manager Sandy Gallin, whose client roster included Dolly Parton, Joan Rivers, Whoopi Goldberg, Neil Diamond, Michael Jackson, Lily Tomlin and a host of others with whom he interfaced daily. The grueling, urgent, and often brutal demands of artist management led Laurence to pursue other opportunities. Consequently, he became a creative executive at a small Canadian production company.

There is no expiration date 
on a dream.

From there, he landed a gig as a Director of Development for film producer Cary Woods and moved on to become a film and TV executive for the legendary Brandon Tartikoff. After Tartikoff’s untimely death, Laurence embarked on a solo career as a writer/producer, but Hollywood seemed unreceptive.

Students, however, were very receptive. Laurence is a renowned adjunct professor of Screenwriting at Santa Monica College as well as at UCLA, where he was honored to be named Teacher of the Year in 2012.

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"It's impossible to see the whole picture if you're in the picture. That's where therapy helps. Therapy offers a broader perspective– to examine your thoughts, emotions, and ideas in a climate of curiosity and compassion where together, we can create a different level of consciousness."




  • Undergraduate degree, Tisch School of the Arts | Circle In The Square Theater School, NYU

  • Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, Antioch University, Los Angeles



  • Psychodynamics

  • Gestalt Therapy

  • Relational Therapy

  • Family Systems

  • Trauma Resiliency

  • CMR Certified

  • TRM Certified

  • EMDR Certified

With two decades of experience developing stories for film and TV, Laurence decided to further develop his own story and returned to higher education to earn his Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, Los Angeles, where his scholarly research included a focus on creative block.

During his internship at the Southern California Counseling Center, Laurence did year-long trainings in Psychodynamics, Gestalt Relational, Family Systems, and Trauma Resiliency, receiving certifications in CRM, TRM, and EMDR.

Laurence has also worked as a primary therapist in the world of addiction recovery as well as cultivating a practice that addresses the unique challenges of creative people navigating the volatile and unpredictable world of the entertainment industry.

Laurence is also a published author, editor, and ultimately, a prime example of his motto, “There is no expiration date on a dream,” as Laurence wrote and produced two major hit movies for the Mexican cinema without knowing how to speak any Spanish.

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