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Compassionate guidance from an intersectional perspective.

RECONNECTwith your body and re-establish your sense of  

Emma Van Ness is a compassionate coach who partners with clients to uncover profound insights from life experiences and access a deeper level of self-awareness. From an existential approach, she aids in pinpointing core values, resolving cognitive dissonance, and enhancing informed decision-making.

Access a deeper level of awareness.

Emma's guidance is invaluable for those navigating life's transitions and relational challenges. She is committed to empowering individuals and offers tools to establish healthy boundaries and prioritize self-needs—especially for those breaking generational cycles.

Coaching services are available remotely via video or telephone to clients worldwide.

Central to her methodology is a somatic focus, delving into how emotions manifest in the body and the narratives shaped by trauma. Utilizing the principles of Internal Family Systems (IFS), Emma demystifies the physiological impacts of trauma. By prioritizing nervous system health, we can reconnect with our bodies and reestablish the sense of safety that is vital to our well-being. As a cyclist and former college athlete, Emma understands the intrinsic power of the mind-body connection.

Emma’s offerings span a wide spectrum: from aiding teens grappling with modern-day challenges to supporting LGBTQIA+ communities, from assisting expectant mothers to those wrestling with fertility emotions. She also works with survivors of suicide through processes of healing and understanding.


Her approach to Recovery Coaching is infused with empathy, offering judgment-free support for those on a sobriety journey.


Coaching infused with empathy, from an existential perspective.

Life can be especially hard to navigate for adolescents and teens. Emma creates a safe space for the emotions, questions, and changes during this phase.


Emma is dedicated to assisting women and birthing individuals during their pregnancy journey, extending her expertise into the postpartum phases.


When life's path is disrupted by major shifts or sudden change, Emma serves as a guide to reconnect and rediscover the authentic self.


"The human condition is a DEEPLY COLLABORATIVE one, an experience that people have been BLESSED by and DOOMED to suffer from since the advent of our race."



Emma specializes in mindfulness practices and takes an intersectional approach that considers a wide range of factors, from the societal to the cultural to the nuanced. She works with individuals during times of transition between significant life stages. 

  • Teens navigating modern issues like relationships, managing emotions, education, boarding school, and family dynamics

  • LGBTQIA+ issues

  • Prenatal support for mothers during and after pregnancy

  • Fertility issues and the complex emotions surrounding them

  • Difficult relationships and situations of intimate partner violence

  • Suicide bereavement support to loss survivors

  • Breaking generational cycles

  • Recovery Coaching for those seeking non-judgmental support on their journey of sobriety

With a rich background spanning clinical psychology, education, and intersectional feminist studies, Emma is a multifaceted professional. She earned her Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Plymouth State University in 2022. Her educational journey also includes double Bachelor of Arts degrees in Italian and Art History from the University of Chicago, a Master of Arts from Middlebury College in Italian, and a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of California, Los Angeles, focusing on psychoanalytic and feminist theory within cinema studies.

Emma brings to the table two decades of teaching experience across elementary, middle school, and collegiate settings in both the United States and Italy. In 2019, she further broadened her expertise by completing the CAR Recovery Coach Academy, and she's currently deepening her proficiency in Addictions Treatment and EMDR for trauma.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Emma, a mindfulness practitioner and yogi, cherishes outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, running, and swimming.

She is also the author Antonio Pietrangeli, The Director of Women. Feminism and Film Theory in Postwar Italian Cinema (Anthem Press, 2020). You can find the book HERE. 


MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Plymouth State University (2021), graduated as the Distinguished


Graduate in her class2008-2013, Ph.D. from UCLA, Dissertation entitled Antonio Pietrangeli, Director of Women: Feminism and Film Theory in Postwar Italian Cinema


Middlebury College / Universita’ di Firenze
2004– 2005
M.A., June 2005

Received Honors grade from Prof. Anna Dolfi

Masters Thesis : Il sentimento del vuoto: Una lettura ermeneutica delruolo di Roma in
Le notti di Cabiria


University of Chicago
2000 –2004
B.A. in Italian and Art History, Graduated with Honors

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