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Allow your authentic self to emerge.

THE BODYholds indisputable

Using breath, somatic, and mindfulness techniques, Charlotte guides clients to deeper self-awareness, enabling them to unlock inherent resources and address core needs. She creates a compassionate space where individuals explore their attunement to internal desires and external environments, facilitating the emergence of the authentic Self. For Charlotte, the mind may weave narratives, but it's the body that holds indisputable truths.

Unlock your inherent resources.

Charlotte's therapeutic approach embodies a synthesis of academic insight and lived experience. She focuses on the intricacies of the human condition as opposed to cultural constraints. After a four-week training in Gestalt coaching at Esalen Institute, she believes in the transformative power of awareness and cultivating connection with all parts of the Self. By engaging in parts work, clients can fully integrate themselves and embrace the liberation that results from radical acceptance. Instead of suppressing needs and emotions, clients are empowered toward a place of total and authentic expression.

Warm, perceptive, and deeply committed, Charlotte invites her clients on a journey of self-exploration to cultivate presence and self-acceptance. This shift away from ego constraints opens up avenues for genuine change.

Connected with a network of therapists and retreat centers in the psychedelic-assisted therapy space, Charlotte can help clients find the appropriate resources to explore psychedelic-assisted therapy. Charlotte can also guide in preparation and integration before and after the experience to support each client in maximizing their transformative work.

As a coach, she is results-oriented, collaborating with her clients to develop a personalized framework for self-discovery and enduring transformation. 

"Change occurs when one becomes what he is, not when he tries to become what he is not." – Arnold Beisser

Begin your journey into mindfulness and self-discovery with Charlotte. Address root issues to prevent symptoms and blocks from persisting, and allow your inherent Self to shine through.

Coaching services are available remotely via video or telephone to clients worldwide.


Explore your attunement to internal desires and external environments.

Access a deeper level of self-awareness by cultivating a connection to all parts of the Self using somatic, breath, and mindfulness techniques.


Charlotte collaborates with clients to identify and focus on achieving specific goals to reveal the benefits of enduring transformation.


Integration services for both before and after journeys ensure that each client experiences an optimal setting for their transformative work.


"Having AWARENESS means having more choice. We can be selective about what receives our ATTENTION."



Charlotte attended NYU for her undergraduate studies and is currently completing her Master's in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy at Pepperdine University.

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