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Step into your true potential.


Eamon provides care and support for clients recovering from substance use or who struggle with health issues like anxiety and depression.

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Eamon brings his Master's level training in psychology to help his clients strengthen executive function and problem-solving skills to achieve goals. 

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Eamon hosts men’s retreats that are centered around sports like boxing and Muay Thai. These retreats are designed to develop community, relational bonding, and strength.

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Developing habits that promote growth and reveal your true potential.

EMBRACE the future

Eamon Kelly is a dynamic executive coach who seamlessly blends motivational psychology into everyday life. His immersive and relatable approach allows his clients to experience the benefits of therapy in overt and nuanced ways in real-world settings. He helps clients to zero in on goals and create a plan of action to achieve them through habit development, accountability, and positive reinforcement.

With his Masters-level background in psychology and personal experience with recovery, Eamon takes on a multifaceted role with his clients. He quickly becomes a positive daily influence, supporting clients to reach their goals and discover their independence. A Los Angeles native who has called New York home for the past 11 years, Eamon brings a bicoastal perspective to his holistic approach to coaching.

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"The best thing anyone can do during our time together is to stay curious about the journey and try to find excitement in the process of discovery. "




Eamon received his BA in Psychology and Masters in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from CUNY School of Professional Studies.


Motivational Interviewing



Sober Companioning


Positive Psychology

Habit Development

Eamon provides a full spectrum of coaching services that integrate into all aspects of his clients' lives, from educational to professional and relational.

He helps his clients develop executive functioning skills, improve habit formation, and sharpen problem-solving abilities to reveal their true, dynamic potential.

He also provides compassionate support for relationship issues, substance use, and mental health concerns, including depression and anxiety.

Eamon's approach to client engagement is flexible and integrated, offering continuous support as needed. Understanding the appropriate balance of when to be casual and when to be direct, he communicates readily with clients, establishing a strong relationship which is fundamental to growth and recovery. As a result, his clients receive low-key yet effective mentoring during these engagements without the rigid, intermittent structure of typical 50-minute weekly sessions. Instead, Eamon's influence is ever-present and seamlessly integrated into daily life.

Eamon works intentionally with a select number of clients at any given time in order to provide exceptional attention and responsiveness. By building exclusivity into his approach, he is able to support his clients’ development on a daily basis. In addition, he offers his services on an hourly basis for ongoing and as-needed assistance.

Eamon maintains open communication with the family unit and establishes a clear picture of appropriateness in regards to the sharing of information. He has dealt with mediation and conflict resolution within the family and relationship dynamics but is a representative and advocate for his client first and foremost.

Coaching services are available remotely via video or telephone to clients worldwide.


Eamon uses evidence-based methods, focusing on the integration of mind-body wellness. His techniques include motivational interviewing, positive psychology, mindfulness, talk therapy, and relational bonding. He encourages the establishment of positive habits and well-being rituals. He creates an environment where ‘failure’ is viewed as a learning opportunity rather than a setback.

Eamon believes that his clients possess the answers to their problems. His role is to guide and support them as they navigate their journey toward self-improvement and fulfillment.

Both in-person and remote services are available to accommodate lifestyle and professional needs. He also offers men’s retreats that are centered around sports like boxing and Muay Thai.

Whether you're looking for a coach to help with goal-setting, performance enhancement, or personal growth, Eamon is a capable and reliable source of consistent structure and motivation. Start your journey with Eamon Kelly today and embrace the future with confidence, resilience, and optimism.

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