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Client Testimonials

Adrienne has been changing lives for over 10 years. Read what her clients have to say about their transformational experience with her. 

"An incredible gift."

When Adrienne entered my life I was having a hard time figuring out how to be happy. I was struggling to protect myself and see my own self-worth. Through my time with Adrienne, I have become a new person. After just a year of working together, I am unbelievably happy and credit all of it to Adrienne.


She has an incredible gift of making her clients feel like friends. The genuine joy I feel knowing each week I get to have an uninterrupted, hour-long talk with someone I truly trust and respect, is a gift I never take for granted. My sessions with Adrienne make me feel like I’m talking to the world's greatest big sister. I feel seen and supported by someone who I really feel has my back.


I am forever grateful to have the support system Adrienne has offered me and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

"The best of the best."

 I had never really gotten anything out of therapy before after trying many times at various points in my life. My team had always recommended some “best person for discreet people” and I was never feeling it. It seemed like a chore or like I would talk about superficial things or maybe kind of people-please that the therapist was helpful by just listening. I also felt like the therapist was interested in me like reading a gossip column? I’ve always felt uncomfortable sharing the real truth because I’ve had a public life in the fast lane for a long time and some of it was rather, uh, colorful?


There’s something special about Adrienne - I think because she’s very transparent and seems so human and real, I’ve never held anything back. I truly know she’s non-judgmental like she’s survived similar issues or knows someone that has. Nothing is shocking. She’s also so invested in me. She really cares. (Like really, really cares).


She always has some education or tools or concepts for me (and often sends them to me after session so that I remember) but weaves them in through real-world application and examples. I feel like she’s the right combo of super-intelligent but never pretentious or condescending plus sophisticated, warm, funny, and honest. She is also an encyclopedia of psychology concepts. Bonus– a free education on top of being “my person”. I actually look forward to therapy, is that crazy?


I’ve come such a long way over the last three years in pretty much every area of my life. I'm living life OUT of the fast line and feel like I’m actually doing well without it. I understand myself and others so much more. I use skills that I’ve learned in real-time. My professional team, friends, and partner thank her- ha! 


I know I have a place to work things through even if it’s A LOT! And we always do deeper work when it’s a quiet week. I can’t recommend her enough. She’s the best of the best.

"One in a million."

I’ve worked with Adrienne off and on for about eight years in various capacities. 


I’ve seen many therapists—some were short-term, others trial and error, a few were forced, which I don’t take pride in—but over time, I’ve known and worked with Adrienne the longest. I can honestly say, Adrienne is literally one in a million, in a million different ways: She is her own person, she doesn’t play by the “therapy rule book” and kick you out after 44 minutes (maybe sometimes she does if another client is waiting). Adrienne cares, I know you’re probably reading this thinking every therapist website says they care (and they probably do) but I always felt heard (beyond heard), and as though Adrienne cared for me as a person and not just another client. She spent time in every session, even if that meant going a little bit longer so I could get my final thought out, or her wisdom on, or scheduling an extra appointment. 


As it goes, there are ups and there are downs and unfortunately, there were moments when I was truly in crisis beyond my control. I can think of maybe 2-3 times (this wasn’t to say every week) during these critical moments, Adrienne actually came to me, and more or less, did her own style of therapy and intervention all rolled into one—had it not been for this I might not be here to write this.

When we were working together in therapy, I looked forward to my sessions with Adrienne. It wasn’t just another thing I had to check off the schedule for the week— which speaks volumes in today’s world where we dread another routine appointment (or Zoom appointment) or do things “because we should be doing them” not because we really want to.


I first began seeing Adrienne for in-person sessions when I was in LA (or lived in LA) as a client, and it was then when we built the best therapeutic connection I can honestly say, to this day, I’ve ever had. 

There was a time in my life when we would do hybrid Zoom/in-person therapy. Given my then zany schedule, Adrienne was as flexible as she could be with me given her busy schedule, too. At the time I was traveling a lot and in different cities/time zones, this was pre-pandemic—but somehow, someway, she always made it work. By today’s standards, a “normal” therapist would just cancel and say, “see you when you return for your normal appointment time”– not Adrienne. If I was going through a difficult time and needed to talk a bit more, Adrienne would accommodate me. She was also available via text—during a time, we were doing DBT coaching/work—and in hindsight, this was an integral component to our talk therapy: it streamlined the face-to-face time and talk sessions because if something urgent presented, I was able to text her, even if she didn’t respond right away, I knew she knew.


Adrienne has also consulted and collaborated with my friends, loved ones, and clients who are either in crisis or simply may need some form of therapeutic help. I’ve brainstormed with her about the best route for others—whether that be referrals for therapy, other forms of treatment, or to simply set boundaries let it be. She’s a wonderful resource to collaborate using her vast network, she's done this many times selflessly for others, many of whom she’s never met.


Even today if it’s a brief catch-up session during a busy time, Adrienne can somehow zoom in and get to the heart of the matter—my younger self may not have listened—but with age, I’m amazed that if I do listen closely, Adrienne is more-or-less, usually spot on. 

Having navigated the world of therapists, psychiatrists, group-work, interventionists, treatment programs, out-patient programs, coaches, case managers, you name it—I’ve interacted with many in this field in varying capacities over the last decade. And now, I write this with training and clinical hours of my own under my belt. A respected psychiatrist I work alongside within a major hospital system will often remind the staff, in moments of chaos and acute crisis: “everyone is someone's patient” which is to say, I’ve seen it from all angles. 

I am not someone who writes testimonials, for anyone or anything, this is the first and probably the last I’ll ever write. Adrienne's ability to go above and beyond to fit challenging clients (like me) in her schedule, whether it be in a time of crisis, or instability, her warmth, compassion, wisdom, and wit, is a style unto its own. Adrienne knows how to think outside-the-box, and when to set boundaries with her clients; she knows when to stay back and let the patient do their thing and when to step in for a needed full stop: simply put, those in this profession today, just doesn’t exist.


I wouldn’t be penning these words—and I might not even be alive today to do so if not for this person. I  wholeheartedly believe what I said in the beginning: Adrienne truly is one in a million, there really isn’t anyone quite like her who does this work today.

"A profound impact."

I have been working with Adrienne for probably around 6 years now. She has truly been a North Star in my life keeping me on track towards my life goals and helping me to find my true authentic self.


Adrienne has helped me tremendously to navigate life and make choices based on my values rather than fear, misplaced loyalty, what’s expected of me, etc. Our conversations are usually so light and friendly that you don’t even realize the hard work that you’re doing, but I have learned so much about myself and how I see the world during my sessions with Adrienne and couldn’t imagine where I would be without having her in my corner.


Through all kinds of scary life events, Adrienne has helped me to find my voice, confidence, and to know that even in the worst of times, I am enough and things will be okay. I truly credit so many of my successes and proudest moments to Adrienne and the help, guidance, and clarity that she has given me throughout the years.


I always look forward to my time with Adrienne as a highlight of my week. I really mean it when I say that she has made such a profound impact on my life. 

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