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Discover energetic alignment and reveal your true magnetism.

ATTUNE to your

For years, Melis has helped her clients achieve balance and energetic alignment. As a coach, she provides support for those on the path of personal growth and development in their personal and professional lives.

When our external life feels out of order, it may signal that our internal life is out of alignment. This is because our inner world is a reflection of our outer world. How we experience life, the blocks we encounter, and any limiting thought patterns that are set on repeat can create disruption in our ability to relate to ourselves and others.

Melis guides her clients through the process of integrating all parts of the self into alignment with their natural vibration. During periods of transition, she creates a framework for clients to connect with their truth, tap into their authenticity, and find internal stillness.

Elevate your essence.

One of the key concepts that Melis helps her clients understand is that everything happens for us, not to us. This mindset opens up the opportunity for growth during times of discomfort and the acceptance of all experience in a way that informs our humanity.

As a coach, Melis provides a goal-oriented plan customized to fit your personal needs and lifestyle. She will draw from a range of energetic modalities, including flower essence therapy, reiki, oracle cards, and energy-clearing rituals. She will audit your environment to map the landscape of your energy field, including social, digital, aesthetic, and cultural interactions.

During your first three months, you will engage in weekly face-to-face or Zoom sessions and daily check-ins via text.



Find balance and alignment.


As a flower essence practitioner, Melis distills the vibrational essence of Bach flowers to help clients release energetic blocks.

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Action-oriented, Melis blends practices to help you discover the true potential within yourself, your relationships, and your career.

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Tap into your authenticity. Own your truth and align all aspects of life including spiritual nutrition, personal style, and energy protection.

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"OUR INNER WORLD is a reflection of our OUTER WORLD. When we INTEGRATE  these worlds, we ALIGN our energy to our natural vibration."



Melis has an entrepreneurial spirit and is driven by creativity. She has found success as a celebrity stylist, brand consultant, founder, and as a DJ. She recently moved back to Los Angeles after spending 8 years in Istanbul, Turkey. There, she established A Curated Vibe and immersed herself in the transcontinental experience through music, fashion, and creative partnerships.

In the 1930s, British physician, bacteriologist, and immunologist Dr. Edward Bach developed a healing system of 38 flower essences made from blossoming trees and plants. Bach believed illness occurs when the mind and body aren't in tune with each other. 

Bach Flower essences are a natural, energetic solution that helps raise your vibration and balance your emotions so you can feel your best. Each essence was designed to help a person balance a specific mood or emotion that makes up the human condition. 

They work through the various human energy fields and are often referred to as "vibrational." When you introduce the essence, your energetic field, or aura, receives the essence of the flower. It then gently restores the balance between mind and body and stimulates positive feelings within.

She is a Flower Essence practitioner working with the Bach healing system and is certified in Reiki 1 & 2.


“Flower essences changed my life over a decade ago. They have always been my go-to for healing myself, and is a practice I’ve incorporated into my daily life. Today, I have the opportunity to work with clients and help them balance their emotional well-being with Bach Flower Essences. I offer one-on-one sessions for custom formulas and assist clients on their personal development and wellness journey.”

Flower essences can help with the following:

  • Positively impact mood, emotions, and overall health

  • Promotes emotional balance and mental clarity

  • Can improve focus, confidence, and performance

  • Encourages a more expansive mental state

  • Reduce feelings of anxiety and loneliness

The vibration of music can be a powerful healer. 


Flower Essence Therapy | Inner & Outer World Alignment | Spiritual Nutrition | Personal Style Exploration | Reiki & Energetic Card Pulling

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