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“Healing where mind, body, and soul intersect.”

Diane D'Amore

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Meet Licensed Therapist
Diane D'Amore

Diane D'Amore MA, LMFT, SEP,  is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and Neurofeedback Specialist.

Diane's holistic approach to treatment combines her extensive training in somatic (body-based) psychology, EMDR, Brainspotting, Neurofeedback, and Mindful Self-Compassion. In this way, she addresses the complex interplay of body, mind, and spirit in helping clients face various issues ranging from addiction/trauma/emotional disorders to increasing creativity and peak performance.

"Stress and trauma are like shrapnel. Left undealt with for too long, they can cause physiological pain and suffering in the body."


– Diane D'Amore

As a clinician, Diane helps her clients through the emotional distresses of life and helps them heal physiologically. She guides individuals to 'retrain' the mind, creating new, healthier responses in the place of old, unhelpful ones. By reducing these stress triggers, a calmer mind emerges. The result is improved cognition and emotional wellbeing.

Diane's personal journey through illness, recovery, and remission led her to explore emerging therapeutic methodologies. After experiencing firsthand the relationship between trauma and healing, she found her calling in the world of therapy. There, she focused her training and her work on the interconnection between the physical and mental in regard to healing. 

Before joining Hashtag Therapy, she worked extensively with dually diagnosed adolescents and adults, utilizing her knowledge of neuropsychophysiology in various treatment settings. She has also worked with veterans dealing with trauma and PTSD resulting from their experiences in war. 

About Somatic Therapy

Somatic therapy explores the effects that past emotional and traumatic events have on the central nervous system as well as the physical body. Somatic interventions can help develop new neural pathways and behaviors that provide alternative ways of responding to your environment without getting stuck in the unhelpful habits of the past.

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Education & Training

Diane received her Master’s degree in Clinical and Trauma Psychology from Antioch University. Prior to that, she completed her Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies from California State University, Northridge.


Her extensive training includes certifications in Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, as well as Neurofeedback.


Since 2015, Diane has served as a Neurofeedback Specialist at New Directions for Veterans. 


"Incredible empathy."

I had just hit my personal rock bottom when I started sessions with Diane. I was fed up with my lack of results with other therapists and was ready to give up. What sets Diane apart from other therapists is her incredible empathy and support intertwined with action and empowerment. She has the ability to make people feel safe– to be vulnerable and feel capable to push through uncomfortable emotions. Our sessions allowed me to take a deep dive into my own personal journey of self-discovery without the limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Diane is an extremely loving, special, and radiant person.

I am so lucky for her guidance.

"Patience & Understanding."

When I began working with Diane I was on suicide watch, filled to the brim with depression and anxiety, and at the lowest point of my life. I was desperate for help yet seemingly unable to find it—not by lack of therapists, or trying, it just didn’t seem to work. Any of it. Diane was the only person who, through intense empathy, patience, understanding, and the perfect amount of push, enabled me to move to a healthy place where I do not just tolerate life, but thrive in it.

"I finally felt safe."

Before Diane, I had been through months of inpatient and outpatient therapy, and nothing was working. When Diane and I first met, I was traumatized, depressed, and on suicide watch. Her patience, kindness, and humor allowed me to heal because I finally felt safe enough to open up, be vulnerable. Diane’s body/mind approach with somatic work and Brainspotting gave me the skills to stop running from my problems and start to face them. Diane’s genuineness and empathy build a wonderful rapport with her clients. She is able to find that rare, perfect balance between being gentle and patient, as well as knowing when to push. I would not be here today, pursuing my dreams, and truly believing I’m worthy, without her help.

"My anxiety melted away."

I was referred to Diane by my therapist to try Neurofeedback because my anxiety was off the charts - no matter what I tried. I was skeptical at first but Diane put me at ease with her knowledge and expertise in brain training and I committed to showing up and trying it out. I was blown away by the results. My anxiety started melting away. It was so noticeable my friends and my coworkers all started commenting about it.

Today, although I have stressful days, I’m much calmer. My relationships have improved, I’m able to function better at work, and I’m comfortable in situations that used to send me into a tailspin.

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