Hashtag Therapy’s Clinical Director is Adrienne Loth, who has been in private practice for 10 years in Los Angeles, with an emphasis on individual psychotherapy and family systems therapy. Adrienne specializes in working with individuals in creative industries. Her current focus is in attachment science, complex trauma, sexual health, relationship issues, stress management, personality disorders, mood disorders, and recovery from substance and process disorders.

A head injury from a surfing accident left Adrienne unable to speak for more than two years, forestalling Adrienne’s plans to be a medical doctor. This challenging and traumatic experience instilled in her a passion for listening, and a deep ability to help people overcome extreme hardships. It was this passion that prompted Adrienne to redirect her energy to psychotherapy and the value of helping others to lead more enriched lives by turning adversity and perceived limitations into social, emotional, and professional success.

With more than 20 years of experience in the recovery community, Adrienne is able to address a variety of addictive behaviors, and help her clients to find forms of support that complement traditional recovery methods, or collaborate on finding alternative methods that fit one’s recovery needs. Having served as an interventionist and case manager for numerous clients, she is comfortable including couple’s therapy, family work, and parent coaching into treatment. Adrienne also offers intensive clinical case management for both individuals and their families. 

Adrienne’s approach is more action-oriented than traditional emotional therapy. She is open, direct, and very proactive when working with clients. By putting emotional and personal struggles in perspective, Adrienne offers realistic interventions that her clients can begin to implement immediately. A practicing Buddhist, Adrienne works closely with her clients on mindfulness.

Adrienne received her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. Prior to that, she completed her pre-med work at UCLA doing research studies in Neuroscience and Health Psychology.  She previously served as the Clinical and Program Director for Resolutions Therapeutic Services, Outpatient Program.  Additionally, she is DBT skills trained therapist and is currently completing her PhD in Clinical Sexology. 

Whether you’ve never been to therapy in your life or you’re looking to evolve and build upon past mental health and self-care work, Adrienne’s philosophy is: therapy should be something you look forward to, even when the work is hard. Adrienne fundamentally believes that it is possible to work together so that her clients begin to thrive.